Shenzhen Stocks Exchange

This exchange in Western China is much smaller than its Eastern Counterparts with a market cap of $2.28 trillion. It is among the three stocks exchanges operating in China. The Shenzhen Stocks Exchange has more than 1500 companies on its list most of them controlled by the Chinese government. It is the 9th largest stocks exchange in the entire Asian continent in terms of market capitalization. The stocks exchange lists the Shenzhen Stocks Exchange 100 Index that comprises of several Chinese banks and companies. In 2009, the Shenzhen Stocks Exchange created a new platform similar to that of NASDAQ in order to tap into the technology sector. ChiNext that was introduced in 2009 has over 500 listed companies with an aggregate market capitalization of RMB 5.32 trillion. Of these companies, 70% are from the manufacturing sector and 18% from the IT industry accounting for 61% and 23% of the total market capitalization. The introduction of stocks loans and securities exchange at the Shenzhen Stocks Exchange was meant to play an increasingly vital role to spur economic transformation for the People’s Republic of China. In 2000, the exchange signed a memorandum with over 30 stocks exchanges and financial institutions in order to enhance cross-broader cooperation.