JSE Limited

JSE Limited also known as JSE Securities Exchange and the Johannesburg Stocks Exchange is the oldest stocks exchange within the African continent. With a market cap of $951 billion, JSE Limited also happens to be the largest stocks exchange in the continent. JSE Limited is located in Johannesburg South Africa and was estimated as having over 472 listed companies in 2003 with a combined market capitalization of US$182.6 billion (€158 billion). In the same year, the average monthly traded stocks value stood at US$6.399 billion (€5.5 billion). JSE limited offers a platform where investors trade securities freely under a regulated procedure. JSE limited not only channels funds to the economy but also provides investors with returns on investments in form of dividends. The Stocks Exchanges Control Act which was repealed by the Securities Services Act of 2004 disallowed the existence of more than one security exchanges in South Africa. This means that JSE Limited has to apply for a license renewal that is approved by the Minister of Finance on annual basis. The exchange is currently dominated by mining companies. Currently, South Africa’s securities lending capabilities is predicted to improve significantly after the acquisition of modern T+3 settlement cycle by the South Africa Exchange. At the moment, the securities lending sector in both the Johannesburg Exchange and Johannesburg limited is not that vibrant which is why the nation is trying to be at par with the European and American markets.