SIX Swiss Exchange

With a market cap of $1.51 trillion, SIX Swiss Exchange is an independent stocks exchange for securities in Switzerland. The exchange connects global firms around the world with trading participants and international investors. Some of the trade segments that the exchange deals with include; bonds, equities, derivatives, sponsored foreign shares, warrants, exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded products (ETPs) and structured products. SIX Swiss Exchange also distributed a range of indices that subsequently offer market data for bonds, shares and ETF`s, ETPs, statistics and data services. An additional service by the SIX Swiss Exchange is the CONNEXOR that assists participants in product-cycle management activities at the exchange. The exchange uses the bile-chip index as its main stocks market index, the index comprises of 20 most significant and liquid SPI equity securities that are based on free-float market capitalization. Currently, Six Swiss Exchange is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Act on Stocks Exchanges and Securities Trading, (SESTA).Since July 2011, SIX x-clear provides services for stocks loans and securities lending. The system also provides for the trading of cash equities and ETFs.