National Stocks Exchange

The National Stocks Exchange is one of India’s largest financial markets with a market cap of $1.64 trillion. Established in 1992, the NSE has grown to become a sophisticated electronic market that ranks third globally in terms of transacted volume. Most of NSE transactions are conducted in the equity, derivatives and wholesale debts markets. Based in the city of Mumbai, India, the National Stocks Exchange has invested heavily in technology with more than 3,000 VSAT terminals. This alone makes the National Stocks Exchange the largest private wide-area network in India. Being the first to introduce the electronic limit order book when trading ETF`s and derivatives, the National Stocks Exchange is considered a pioneer for the Indian financial markets. NSE`s flagship index, the NIFTY 50 is used by investors not just in India but across the world to measure the strength of India`s capital markets. However, only about 4% of India`s GDP is derived from the country`s stocks exchanges. In 2008, the National Stocks Exchange developed the Securities Lending & Borrowing Scheme. Under the platform, securities borrowing and lending is an automated screen trading platform where lending and buying of securities can stay active up to 12 months.