Frankfurt Stocks Exchange

The oldest of the large stocks exchanges, the German exchange is 431 years old with a market cap $1.77 trillion. Located in Frankfurt Germany, the Frankfurt Stocks Exchange is considered as one of the most efficient stocks exchange globally. The exchange posts indices such as the DAX, the VDAX and the Eurostoxx 50. The exchange is owned by Deutsche Borse which also owns other German exchanges. Currently, the Frankfurt Stocks Exchange accounts for almost all the stocks turnover in Germany and a substantial percentage of the entire Europe turnover. Most of the exchange`s profit comes from its Xetra trading platform that has increased the number of foreign investors trading at the exchange. Although Xetra was originally developed to be used exclusively on the Frankfurt Stocks Exchange, the trading system has expanded and is currently being used by various stocks exchanges across Europe. In Germany, there are a total of eight security exchanges where stocks, stocks loans, mortgage, corporate bonds, mortgage bonds and government bonds are traded. Derivatives trading occur on a futures and options exchange.