The New York Stocks Exchange

There is a reason people picture this one first. It may not be the oldest or have the largest number of companies, but with a market cap of $19 trillion, there is a reason the NYSE is on top based on the overall market capitalization and listed securities. The exchange is also nicknamed The Big Board and is located at Wall Street, Lower Manhattan in New York City. There are about 21 trading rooms at Wall Street that facilitate stocks and securities trading at the NYSE. Initially, the NYSE was run as a private organization but later became a public entity in 2005 following the acquisition of Archipelago. For many years, the NYSE relied on the open outcry system but many trades have since transitioned to the electronic system. Thanks to its early start, many of the largest and most prominent companies are listed on the NYSE. Con Edison is one of the longest listed companies on the NYSE since its incorporation as the New York Gas Light Company. Some of the stocks eligible for a stocks loan at the NYSA include: stocks, ETFs, bonds, foreign stocks and ADR`s (American Depositary Receipt). Stocks loan by definition is; the stocks’ value against the stocks whereby the shareholder is eligible to up to 80% of the stock’s value. The NYSE allows non-US securities to act as collateral for stocks loan transaction. the same situation is replicated at the London Stocks Exchange, Hong Kong Stocks Exchange, Toronto Stocks Exchange and the Australian Stocks Exchange.