What exactly is stock loan?

This is a loan taken out with fully owned stocks of a publicly traded company as the pledged collateral. It is an incredibly effective way to monetize an equity position and get cash out.

Any stocks I own?

No. Shares of publicly traded companies only. The company might be anywhere in the world, as long as it is publicly traded, are electronic and unrestricted.

What will I be liable for?

This is a non-recourse option. The recovery of the loan will be limited to the value of collateral.

Will my credit be a determining factor?

We do not do credit checks for this kind of loan. There is no reason to. The loan is against the stock, not you personally.

How much can I get on a certain number of shares?

The loan to value ratio will be determined by a few factors like liquidity and risk predisposition. Our lender do however, provide a loan to value ratio of up to 80% for many stock loans.

How high is the interest?

Not high at all. It will be between 3% and 6% depending on the security and the factors discussed above.

What will be the terms for my securities?

Of course not. There is no need for personal guarantees.

Will you control how I spend the money?

It is your money. Once the process is complete, funds are transferred and you can do as you please.

How long until I get the money?

Two to three weeks at maximum. The stock loan process is a very simple process.

What will happen to my stock dividends?

The shares remain yours until you default and the lender has to recover the loan. Therefore, at maturity the client receives their shares back in addition to the dividends. Client may also choose to use the dividends to offset the interest due on the stock loan.

What happens if I cannot repay the loan?

In this case, the client forfeits the shares. This action does not affect the borrower’s credit worthiness. The lender lent the money against the stock, not you personally.

Who will own my stock until I repay the loan?

The shares will be kept safe in the client’s name in a custodian bank. The shares will not be reassigned, sold, traded or transferred.

What if the value of my stock falls?

This is a risk but only to the lender. As it is in the case of non-recourse stock loans, the lender cannot demand compensation for the amount in excess of the value of the stock.

Are there hidden costs?

No hidden costs whatsoever. A securities loan is a very safe and transparent process.