•       Small Business Loans
•       Large Business Loans
•       SBA Loans
•       Short Term Business Loans
•       Long Term Bussiness Loans
•       Business Line of Credit
•       Working Capital Loans
•       Equipment Financing
•       Accounts Receivable


Competitive business loans are available through our loan division. Minimum loan amount $300,000 and no maximum.

We have lending relationships with many national banks, specialty lenders, bridge loan lenders, Wall Street syndicates and pension funds and can offer highly competitive loans for your business property.

We also offer Hard Money loans on business real estate.

Please click HERE to learn how to properly write a Loan Executive Summary for lenders.

Please click on the picture to the right to download a list of banks that we scan routinely and may approach with your loan.

We have a corresponding relationship with many banks in this list and we typically know which lender prefers what loan type. Thus your loan will be presented to numerous lenders in this list who can best accommodate your financing needs.

•       Apartment Buildings
•       Apartment Complexes
•       Apartment Houses
•       Amusement Parks
•       Asset Based Lending
•       Asset Based Loans
              Factoring Accounts Receivables
              Purchase Order Financing
              Inventory Financing
•       Assisted Living Facilities
•       Auto Body Shops
•       Auto Repair Garages
•       Bakeries
•       Bank Workouts, Turnarounds &         Restructures
•       Banquet Halls
•       Bars
•       Beauty Shops
•       Bed & Breakfasts 150K min Blanket         Loans Book Stores (Adult)
•       Bowling Alleys
•       Bridge Loans Cafes
•       Campgrounds Car Lots (Used)
•       Car Washes
•       Cash Out Investor Properties
•       Casinos
•       Catering Halls
•       Charter Schools
•       Coffee Shops
•       Commercial Condominiums
•       Commercial Loan Modifications         (under construction)
•       Convalescent Homes
•       Convenience Stores
•       Churches
•       Day Care Centers
•       Debt Acquisition Programs
•       Dent & Scratch Commercial Loans
•       Doctors Office
•       Dry Cleaners
•       Deli’s
•       Diners
•       Distribution Centers
•       Distressed Properties (minimum 500K)
              Vacant Properties
              Multi Family, Office Complexes
              Mixed Use
              Used Car Lots
•       Equity 100% participation financing         for equity 1Mil min FHA Multi Family,         Commercial, Many Business         Applications
              Multiple Programs from 300K to               3 Mil
•       Fitness Centers
•       Franchises
•       Funeral Homes
•       Garden Apartments
•       Gentleman’s Clubs
•       Golf Courses
•       Golf Driving Ranges
•       Hard Money Loans
•       Horse Farms Working/Hobby
•       Hotels (Flagged)
•       Hotels (Non Flagged)
•       Industrial Buildings
•       Industrial Parks
•       Laundromats
•       Leasing
              Audio Visual Equipment
              Agricultural Equipment
              Commercial Vehicles
              Construction Equipment
              Dental Equipment
              For Lift Trucks
              Industrial Equipment
              Laundry Equipment
              Machine Tool Equipment
              Medical Equipment
              Office Equipment
              Restaurant Equipment
              Service Station Equipment
              Telephone Systems
              Tractors & Trailers
•       Light Industrial
•       Liquor Stores
•       Lubrication Centers (must have         underground floor pits)
•       Manufacturing
•       Manufactured Homes
•       Medical Office Building
•       Medical Facilities
•       Mezzanine Financing
•       Mini Storage
•       Mixed Use Properties
•       Mobil Home Parks
•       Motels
•       Movie Theatres
•       Night Clubs
•       Nudie Bars
•       Nursing Homes
•       Office Buildings
•       Parking Garages
•       Pawn Shops
•       Processing Plants
•       Raw Land
•       Rehab Facilities
•       Residential Care Facilities (Old Age         Homes)
•       Restaurants Rooming Houses RV         Parks
•       Self Storage Facilities Service Stations         SBA Loans 504 & 7A
•       Single Family (used as         Doctor/Attorney/Dentist/Realtor Etc)
•       Skilled Nursing Facilities
•       Strip Malls
•       Truck Stops
•       Working Farm
•       Warehouses
•       Weird Property Types
•       Zero Down (with seller financing)
•       1031 Exchanges


To Purchase or Refinance Properties
•       Rental property worksheet (PDF) Required only If a Rental Property
•       Two years income tax and pay stub documentation
•       Mortgage application
•       Copy of purchase offer if applicable
•       Partnership, Corporation, LLC documents if applicable
•       Loan Application (Form 1003)

To Purchase Equipment or Vehicles
•       Balance sheet
•       Recent profit and loss statement
•       Two years income tax documentation
•       Copy of purchase contract or other identification of items to be purchased including
         year, make, model, vehicle identification #, etc
•       Loan Application (Form 1003)

To Purchase a Business
•       Two years personal income tax documentation
•       Two years income tax documentation for the company being purchased
•       Personal balance sheet
•       Business plan to include projections
•       Copy of purchase agreement
•       Partnership, corporation. LLC documents if applicable
•       Loan Application (Form 1003)

To Refinance a Business
•       Two years personal income tax documentation
•       Two years income tax documentation for the company being refinanced
•       Personal balance sheet and business balance sheets
•       Business plan
•       Partnership, corporation. LLC documents if applicable
•       Loan Application (Form 1003)

Working Capital Needs
         Same as to refinance a business.

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