Why Switch To Renewable Energy? A Compelling Argument

The news and discussions have flooded all media and communication platforms from one to side of the globe to the other. The world is currently split into two major factions regarding the subject of whether traditional fuels are better or worse than upcoming alternative fuels like solar, geothermal, wind, hydroelectric etc. One group, which is coming across as conservative and rather old-fashioned is still in love with fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas. The other group, which is considered progressive and versatile, claims that the time is ripe to usher in the new energy era of renewables. Both sides have raised some valid points but the younger voices seem to be screaming louder and reaching more audiences, hence the unstoppable energy revolution. The traditionalist cadre maintains that renewables can never replace fossil fuel sources because they are undependable, constrained, and relatively expensive. The opposing team dismisses all these negative assertions as "mere myths," before lambasting conventional fuels for their notorious pollution and for enslaving the masses to rich utility companies for years. As this ideological tug-of-war continues, here are a few insightful arguments that showcase that renewable energy is the better option.

Times Have Changed, Roll With The Tide

It is rather embarrassing, almost pitiful really, that in this day and age when knowledge is so abundant that it is literally "choking" some digital communication networks, that some people still fall victim to misinformation and propaganda ploys. The internet is rife with all kinds of factual energy information and it`s just a small matter of visiting any reputable and credible website like America2030.net and reading up on any confusing topic. Recent reports from the energy sector disapprove the allegations leveled by fossil fuel aficionados. The issue of renewable energy being unreliable and inefficient is attributed to the fact that some sources like the sun or the wind are not subject to human control. They appear and disappear as they wish especially now that climate change, which was ironically caused by traditional fuels, makes seasonal and weather predictions almost impossible to predict. Innovative industry manufacturers have partnered with reliable financial firms like America 2030 for energy funds to create some incredible solutions to solve these all these inconveniencing constraints. New powerful energy storage installations and devices which are capable of holding large amounts of power have now been produced thanks to modern technology. Modern renewable energy harnessing equipment has also been optimized to ensure that the rotor blades are able to react and rotate even in the slightest breeze; same case with modern solar panels, which are all specially designed to trap the sun`s energy even in very cloudy conditions.

No Cash Hurdles, It`s A New Market

The other contentious issue involves the cost of energy. For many years people stuck to fossil fuels because they offered a cheaper alternative in power purchase. In operation, large power companies sign power purchase agreements (PPAs) with even larger energy producing firms to buy electricity from them and then resell it to large communities of people. And although the end consumer bears the brunt of paying the whole cost of power generation and distribution, the individual pinch is quite small because the huge bill is split among very many consumers. In the renewables market however, equipment costs are usually covered by the individual homeowner or business owner. In theory, this makes traditional utilities seem a lot cheaper than alternative energy sources. In reality, the prices of renewable energy equipment have fallen by more than 50% in the last 5 years and they are expected to plummet by a further 25% in the next half a decade. Financing options are numerous and customers can easily get debt & equity from reputable financial institutions like America 2030 to fund their projects. Tax relief and countless other incentives all work to make the renewable deal sweeter.

And Then There Is The Pollution Factor

In the continuing battle of words, the only consensus between the two sides is that renewables are clean and sustainable. But some traditionalists refuse to acknowledge that fossil fuels are pollutants. They claim that all that talk about carbon dioxide causing global warming and climate change is just a bedtime story. The truth is, fossil fuels cause massive pollution leading to high temperatures, they ruin the environment by leaving gaping holes in the ground, they are unsustainable, and they are proving to be even more expensive than renewables now. There is no doubt about it; these destructive planet-destroyers must exit the industry scene ASAP.