How I Almost Abandoned A Lucrative Investment Opportunity Due To Misinformation And Sheer Ignorance

When it comes to life`s decision, the phrase "I was young and stupid" has become the standard line of defense for most of our past failures.

I won`t lie to you that I haven`t suffered my fair share of misfortunes due to age and sheer stupidity. But I have also fallen victim to some very unscrupulous business deals, in some cases it was because of my poor judgment and decision-making but other times it was just an unlucky meet with some nasty conmen. Anyway, I have also had a few lucky streaks in life where I surprised even myself for my business acumen. One of my few financial exploits was a few years ago when I decided to invest in the renewable energy industry. But just to be straight with you, it was not even my original idea. An enterprising financial company called America 2030 that funds renewable energy and waste to energy projects introduced me to this rewarding opportunity. It was not even that big of a venture at first because I only installed a few solar components. I got a solar HVAC system and maybe a few lighting installations for my home. This was like 7 years ago when solar was still a seemingly mythical idea with little to no investment feasibility. I was very skeptical of the idea and I took quite some time before committing. The good thing is that I got on board early because now I am the proud owner of a very expensive and very energy efficient home. So, what makes me so proud of this decision and why was it such a lucrative investment?

For The Love Of Money

I don`t know about you but I really like making some cash, especially effortlessly. Up until like 5 years ago, everybody dismissed all alternative fuels because of their high costs of installation. I mean, why spend thousands of dollars putting up some sophisticated electric systems instead of sticking with your utility company and its relatively modest electric bill? Makes no sense right? But that is before I learnt the truth about solar and the said high costs. Apparently the government has been pouring financial incentives into the renewables industry for more than a decade now. And this has helped residential and even corporate consumers save huge sums of money when purchasing installations and also when paying their income taxes. There are cash gains all over the place starting with solar tax credit, which is offered by the federal government to lower the cost of buying solar equipment and installations. You will also enjoy various tax rebates at the state level, such as exemptions on all solar purchases and on your property taxes. And if you don`t have enough money to invest, there are many amazing government-sponsored financing programs. There are also willing financial providers like America 2030 who are always inviting prospective investors for renewable energy financing. You can even seek out other cheaper arrangements like solar leases and solar power purchase agreements (PPAs). I should also mention that you will really enjoy saving on your utility bill, which will come down so much to a point where it can even be negative. In fact you can even find yourself selling power to your utility company in a netmetering arrangement. And just so you know, the value of a clean home is far much higher than the ordinary house.

For Earth`s Sake

The other thing that makes me so happy about investing in alternative fuel is that I am now playing an active role in the conservation and preservation of my planet. Solar, wind, hydroelectric, and other renewable energy sources are all 100% clean and infinitely available. They do not pollute the environment like coal and natural gas does and hence I have reduced my carbon footprint incredibly. I do not even produce carbon with my travel needs coz I am now all about the electric car. Plug it in at night, charge it with solar, and drive cleanly to work in the morning. Actually after realizing the huge impact that the solar HVAC system had on my utility bill, I went ahead and installed a sizable home solar system to supplement the utility supply. Most of the time I sell power to my electricity supplier because my solar system produces so much more than I need. Talk about a SMART lifestyle courtesy of this one SMART investment decision under the mentorship of In retrospect, it seems like all those dumb failures were preparing me for a resounding triumph at the finals.