Environmental Health, Financial Savings, And Unlimited Job Opportunities All Courtesy Of Renewable Energy

Considering their ever-soaring popularity and their continuously plummeting installation costs, renewable or alternative energy sources will soon overtake fossil fuels in consumption. Some attribute the surge in demand solely to the many government-sponsored financial incentives, which have caused prices to fall significantly in the last few years.

According to America2030.net, the truth is that the growing preference in solar and wind energy is simply due to a dynamic but very normal shift in human awareness and preference. Man has been in several other revolutions like this one. There was the machine-inspired industrial revolution in the early 19th century and the recent technological revolution late last century. They are all systemic global improvements that are necessitated by milestone changes in human development and evolution. In the case of these disgruntled fossil fuel producers, they should look around and appreciate the great strides that humanity has taken over the years to improve his existence.

There are also allegations that renewable energy marketers have been engaging in fear mongering campaigns with nothing but "baseless statistics and unfounded claims of global warming" that are all aimed at scaring people into accepting these alternative energies. Actually, these are nothing more than educational and informative crusades meant to propagate factual knowledge regarding the consequences of reckless pollution on this planet. All in all, renewable energy is obviously the only feasible way forward coz it offers a ton of benefits to both the environment and the consumer. The following brief but insightful discussion features some of the major pros of adopting clean electricity.

Environmental Wellbeing

In his rush to achieve technological and industrial supremacy, man has totally devastated this planet. Pollutant carbon emissions from industries, vehicles, and all kinds of powered plants have inflicted a near-fatal wound to this planet. Even the ozone layer and the atmosphere are all infected — thanks to the destructive effects of greenhouse gas emissions from various fossil fuels. In contrast, renewables like hydroelectric, solar, and geothermal do not emit any pollutants while producing energy. This is why they have earned the befitting name of clean energy sources.

Still on the topic of environmental health, fossil fuels cause additional harm to the environment during extraction. After extensive mining activities on productive land, oil producers leave huge gaping holes and caverns all over the country, thereby dooming plant life in those regions. In comparison, sun or wind energy is readily available and requires only the installation of harnessing equipment in order to be used. Even the renewables that are not fully clean like waste to energy technologies help to clean the environment by eliminating waste.

Financial Bene

Alternative energy sources are referred to as renewable because they never get depleted. They are continuously replenished regardless of consumption levels or habits. They are basically infinite and very easy to access and afford. On the other hand, fossil fuels are limited in nature. Increase in demand and consumption forces man to keep digging deeper and further to access more. The financial twist in these two energy options is that in the past, renewable energy required substantial funds to buy and setup but utility electric power was offered at a relatively cheap rate. All this has changed in recent years thanks to technological advances. Protracted government efforts to curb pollution have also helped lower the prices of renewables due to the many financial incentives that were introduced to make them more favorable. Currently, some market reports on America2030 indicate that coal costs the same or even more to generate unit power than the most popular renewables like solar and wind.

Employment Opportunities

The renewable energy industry has exploded in the last few years due to the reasons mentioned above. More investors, including professionals like America 2030, have turned to this sector seeking greener pastures now and in the future. Substantial increases in renewable energy financing have led to the creation of a vibrant ecosystem with endless job opportunities flowing from the value chain all the way to production. Unlike fossils utilities which are mechanized and capital-intensive, many alternative energy sources are manually powered and distributed. This is why there is a huge and very diverse job market in the clean energy sector. Not to mention the many self-employment ideas and startups that have been spurred by this dynamic industry since it was revived a few years ago. Most of these financial opportunities generate income at the local level, which means that the money flows at the community level. This enriches the national economy from the bottom upwards, thereby reducing or rather balancing national wealth generation. Ultimately these localized financial gains narrow or bridge the wealth gap or the gap between the rich and the poor.