Renewable Energy Financing

Factors such as climate change and global warming are pushing man towards aggressive inventions and innovations.

We do not have the luxury of sitting back and hoping things will get better. Even what may seem like a short change in earth`s temperature has a huge impact on the environment. Yet the bigger part of this is caused by human activities and use of non-renewable energy. If nothing is done, experts have projected that the world will be warmer by up to eight degrees Fahrenheit by 20100. In speech it may not sound much, but it is worth noting that this will cause a grave situation to the ecosystem and life in general, if global carbon emission continues. The most impactful solution is to get alternative energy sources that do not harm the environment. Renewable energy sources are the best bet as they are low in carbon emission, low in extraction destruction and have a potential of giving out higher amounts of energy for the longest period. See it this way, the coal extracted today cannot be remade, the oil extracted today cannot be made to cycle back to the ground and the tree cut today is gone. Yet the sun will still shine years and years to come as its energy goes unused; It`s time for a paradigm shift.

We come to finance your vision

The paradigm shift is not an easy one since it calls for a lot of time and money for research and developing of renewable energy technology. There may be institutions out there willing to provide the money, but locating them sometimes is not easy, leading to a number of projects stalling. That is where America 2030 comes in; we are willing to share in the vision with anyone who has a renewable energy project.

We understand renewable energy financing can be very expensive. Money is needed for research, and building of technology that can sustain the same. Btu for the greater good, we are willing to fund renewable energy and waste to energy projects. Our key goal is to keep earth safe and mankind happy.

We partner with likeminded companies

As long as your project can produce an output of between 10 to 100 MW, we can fund it up to 100 percent. As leaders in the market, we not only provide debts but equity as well, or both in other situations. In a bid to improve energy production and save the world at the same time, projects such as renewable Energy Projects WTE Projects, Hydropower Projects, Biomass Projects, and Geothermal Projects are what we fund. As it stands, we have been able to fund at least 60 projects around the world. We are in the verge of an evolution in the energy sector and your project might just perfect for such a time. Beyond renewable energy financing, we also give advice to people in such fields. We have helped a number of companies into the right direction on what to do. As energy technology evolves, we will discuss with you areas you can improve in so as to make bigger impact with the resources you have at your disposal. We are better skilled, experienced, knowledgeable with professionalism which offers a perfect match for your project. This world is our home and no one will take care of it for us. We must be innovative and willing to push the limits to make it better. If renewable energy is the way for you to go then renewable energy financing is the way for us to go. we want to partner with you and fund your project. we have opened our doors that will open better doors for you to see your project explode for the good.