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Types of Renewable Energy

As it stands now, most parts of the world rely on non-renewable energy; countries such as the United States depend on coal, natural gases and oil as their main sources of energy. The down side of it is that these sources are constantly dwindling. Worse is that extracting them leaves huge damages to the environment and livelihood of communities around such areas is at risk.

As the world develops, a number of countries have begun thinking of better, cheaper and cleaner ways of getting energy. the solution to this is the renewable energy that has been available and will always be available. They come in numerous types that can be explored and exploited without concerns to the environment.

Wind Energy

The United States alone has the capacity to produce 10 times more of its current energy needs by investing into wind energy. This is among the least expensive modes of energy known. It is considered a form of energy based on how it is formed. when ununiform heating and cooling of the atmosphere by the sun occurs, wind is formed. things like the earth’s rotation and topography also cause wind to form.

For larger scale, wind can be captured using turbines which converts it into electricity that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. For small scale, it is used to pump water into farms.

Solar energy

Naturally, the sun provides most of the energy needed to sustain life. Right from light and heat to keep the body from the cold, food production in plants, among other things, it remains a key source. However, its uses can transcend these and provide man with much more.

Man is now able to turn suns energy into electricity and heat using different types of technology. Solar collectors, photovoltaic panels and thin-film solar sheeting are some of the technologies in use. Solar collectors simply turn the radiation of the sun into heat, then transfer it to a medium such as air or water. They are mostly used for water heater systems for homes and swimming pools. Also known as solar cells, photovoltaic panels convert the suns energy into electricity through a process as the PV effect.

Hydro Electricity

Just like wind is used to turn turbines to produce energy, water can also be very useful. In modern times, water is captured in a dam then released through a system of turbines which produce electricity. To control production of electricity between high and low demand periods, the reservoirs can be divided into lower and upper parts so that water can be run into them depending on demand. the dam method can have certain effects to nature such as land and wildlife. It can also affect communities that depend on fishing as a way of income.

The other method is to channel a portion of a water source such as river directly into a turbine without using a dam. As at now, it is approximated that this form of energy provides 20 percent of what the world needs.


This form of energy simple involves drawing energy from the earths heat. The heat can come from the surface of the earth, heated rocks or water that is way inside the earth’s surface. On a small scale, a geothermal power system can get heat from as close as 10 feet below to help cool a house during summer and heat it up during winter. Countries such as Philippines and El Salvador currently produce more than a quarter of their energy needs from geothermal energy. The setback is that it cannot be produces everywhere but areas which are geothermally viable.

Ocean energy

The ocean energy can be tapped in two ways; mechanical and thermal. Mechanical method derives energy from the ocean waves and tides while thermal gets energy from the sun’s heat. The thermal energy from the ocean can be turned into electricity using systems that can use the warmth of the surface water. Mechanical systems draw energy from the ocean that is caused by the moons gravitation and the rotation of the earth.

The wind can also cause waves in the ocean that can be used as a source of energy. other methods use the ocean currents to tap energy. Since 70 percent of the earth is covered by water, this type of energy looks like it has a better future use than current.

The world is moving and the climate is changing, man need to think further on how to make Renewable energy more accessible and available. The impact that extraction of non-renewable energy is causing puts the earth at a great risk since the damages can be irreversible. Embracing energy sources such as solar and wind will ensure safety to the environment at the least costs. With more sources of energy, production will also be improved since energy costs will have been reduced significantly.

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