For more then 30 years, we have been managing investment assets for clients from start-ups to operational corporations as well as large real estate projects. We can offer full asset management of your own corporation or real estate asset located in the USA or countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Our highly experienced team will oversee your asset using American Style Management Principles. If your objective is to acquire undervalued companies with intent to achieve maximum returns in their disposition within 3 to 7 years, we can assist you in all aspects from acquisition, management and disposition.

Assets of several CIS countries are currently at their lowest in 25 years and this is a tremendous time for value oriented investors to acquire undervalued companies and prominent real estate in these emerging markets.

We also manage real estate of all asset types, including industrial, apartments, retail, student housing, office and value add turn-around properties. Distressed and REO real estate asset management is our specialty.

Our services include:
•     Alternative asset management;

•     Asset evaluation;

•     Portfolio asset management;

•     Asset acquisition;

•     Risk analysis;

•     Due diligence assessment;

•     Market research;

•     New product development;

•     Full fiscal accountability;

•     Government & regulatory engagement;

•     Audit engagement and oversight;

•     Expansion and strategic sell-off's;

•     Disposition.

We offer a competitive fee structure which is performance driven.