How America2030 Can Loan Against Digital Currency

A new form of collateral that is gaining wide use is the crypto currency.

This digital currency is being widely used to settle transactions between people in peer-to-peer exchanges. Digital currency includes Bitcoin and Ethereum amongst others. Digital currency can be used as securities lending in the same way that stocks are used. While there are many platforms which lend against digital currency, America2030 stands out for its excellent terms of lending.

Who are they? Are they credible?

America2030 is a securities-based investment and brokerage firm with over 30 years in this market. It is made up of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in securities-based lending. The company values each client and takes careful thought when handling each transaction. It has a wide network of partners in the financial markets and this gives it credibility. Apart from lending against traditional securities, America2030 also lends against digital currency.

What are the terms of lending?

America2030 offers very attractive terms of lending against digital currency. The company is flexible to offer loans with the duration of up to 5 years. When compared with some lenders who lend up to a maximum of one year, this is a better alternative for those wishing to take up long-term loans. The lending against digital currency is nonrecourse. This means that the company ends up taking a higher risk while the borrower has less exposure to loss.

The lending against digital currency attracts an annual interest rate of 3-4% and requires no personal guarantee. Once you have put in your application, it takes between two and four weeks to be processed. If the loan is approved, you have the flexibility and option of asking the loan to be wired anywhere. The company is also generous with regards to the loan limit of lending against digital currency. You can borrow up to $100 million. Perhaps the best aspect of their lending is the loan to value which stands at 65%. This means you can borrow up to 65% of the value of the digital currency.

What currencies do they accept?

You are wondering if the currency you are holding will be accepted by America2030. This is a legitimate concern since some lending platforms will not accept specific digital currencies. Luckily for you, America2030 accepts almost all digital currencies. The following is a list of the accepted currencies that America2030 will accept in their digital currency lending. These are STRAT, NEO, DASH, BCH, BTC, IOTA, ETH, BOS, LSK, BOS, WAVES, KIN, DCT, HEDGE, XRL, GOLEM, ICN, ETT, SNM, ETT, PAY, COB, ANT, ADA, and PLU.

Once you fully repay the loan that was secured against digital currency, you will receive back your collateral. Just like in the traditional stocks lending, you are assured of getting back the security you had given. In the other hand, you also stand to lose and forfeit your digital currency upon default. It is therefore imperative that you borrow within your ability to repay the loan.